Don't Take Our Word For It.
Read what parents and relatives of current and former IHM students have said about their educational experiences at Immaculate Heart Of Mary School

Posted October 19, 2010
Immaculate Heart of Mary has advanced our son academically, socially and spiritually. His attention and ability to focus has improved ten-fold, raising his grades and pride in his work. Our son's self-esteem has never been higher.

My daughter is starting her third year as a student at IHM. After initial concerns about the school's future, we visited the campus, met with the teachers and administrators, talked with parish leaders and determined that the "word on the street" about the school was wholly inaccurate. The commitment of the faculty is unwavering, the efforts and dedication of the entire administrative staff is remarkable, the growth of extra-curricular activities, and the participation of the parents make IHM one of the best-kept secrets in all of Brooklyn. It is exciting to watch the school grow. I can't imagine sending my daughter anywhere else for her education.

Posted May 20, 2010
IHM is a great environment for kids! There are so many different activities going on and the children are very engaged. Teachers, and staff are very caring and parents treat all kids as their own.
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 Posted October 9, 2009
My daughter was in public school for 2 years. I felt the school was not challenging my daughter enough. I am so happy I found ihm. The school is wonderful. The atmosphere, the teachers, the faculty are very welcoming. My daughter will get the best possible education at this school. I also have a son, 'the public system' felt my they needed to put a label on my son. But since he have started ihm I have had no problems. Changing my kids school from public to private has been the best decision I have made.
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Posted September 29, 2009

I love IHM. I am a graduate and my daughter currently is in the 4th grade at IHM. What can I say about a school that has nourished my mind as well as my spirituality? The teachers are great. The standard of education is incredible. The parish is warm,welcoming and wonderful. To this day I carry around many of the life lessons that I learned from IHM. It makes me proud to say that my daughter is attending the same school that I graduated from. Words cannot express the feelings I have for IHM. It is something you have to experience for yourself.
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Posted September 18, 2009
The amazing faculty and administrators, the modern, clean facility, the dedication of the parish to the school, and the overall success of the school's mission.
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Posted June 23, 2009
My daughter just completed Pre-K here, we had planned only on doing pre-k, But we've decided to stay because of the amazing education, and great staff. After touring pretty much every school around, there isn't any that holds a candle to IHM, where there is so much hands on learning. The middle schoolers are learning power point, and buddy with younger grades They have an amazing community, and huge go green push. Several full school events to show case the students work. There are lots of extra curriculum's as well, girl/boy scouts, after school, lots of sports and theater for the upper grades. There is a surprisingly diverse group of kids with different religious, ethnic and economic levels, diversity is celebrated and embraced here. The students learn alot about culture, the academics are amazing, my daughter writes and reads, the school has a large emphasis on technology that supports the learning.
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Posted May 5, 2009
IHM has proven itself to be that 'blessing in disguise' we were looking for in Brooklyn schools. Our son has benefited greatly from both the academic and behavioral discipline that IHM offers. IHM's traditional approach in utilizing school uniforms and daily reinforcement of courtesy, community and a challenging curriculum, has created a positive environment from which a strong foundation for our son's future will be built. We take great pride in this school and highly recommend it to anyone looking for both a quality education and meaningful experience for their child(ren).
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Posted April 30, 2009
IHM has empowered my children and encouraged them to strive for goals with confidence. The teachers have provided them with the critical tools necessary to tackle everyday challenging situations, positively contribute to the moral fiber of society, and succeed in an ever-changing environment.
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Posted April 27, 2009
I have 2 children who currently attend the school. I have been an active parent in the school for 8 yrs. I have experienced only good things at IHM. I love the school! My daughter has made lifelong friendships here and has been an honor student for the last 4 yrs. My other child is just starting (k). The teachers are great!
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Posted April 26, 2009
I am the grandparent of two IHM students. and couldn't be happier or prouder that my son and daughter in law have chosen this school. IHM provides a safe and considerate environment for young people to learn and grow. The academic environment is current and challenging. I am always impressed with the amount of parent interest, involvement and welcome. I believe that my granddaughters are receiving an invaluable foundation to build their futures here at IHM.

Posted April 9, 2009
We love IHM! As a non-Catholic I had my concerns about putting my kids in a Catholic school, but boy have I been proved wrong!  My kids come home telling me what a wonderful time they had in school, what they learned that day and what they did at recess. : ) Not only are my children thriving academically but as well learning valuable lessons in life. School has a sense of community, parent's are welcomed to volunteer, children also have a 'buddy system' where older kids are paired with younger kids to act as a 'big sister or brother' to a younger one. School facility is new, computer room, library plus there is huge gym! This schools is truly a hidden gem, and we feel very fortunate to be part of it!
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Posted February 26, 2009
As a parent of three IHM students, I can attest to the outstanding education that IHM provides. The programs and curriculum are fun yet challenging. The faculty at IHM work hard to promote a quality education and to provide a caring environment where children can thrive. We consider it a valuable investment in the educational foundation of our children and would strongly recommend IHM as an excellent option for those in the Kensington/Windsor Terrace area.
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Posted February 23, 2009
This school,like so many of the Catholic schools in Brooklyn are the best and most affordable private school options available. By every measure this school is superior to anything the NYCOE has to offer locally. It is run by dedicated administrators, the student performance scores are excellent, and the quality of the teachers is also excellent. The students discipline and respect towards the staff is remarkable. My Son is thriving at IHM. I couldn't be happier and will sign my Nursery school age Daughter up in the fall. If you live in the area and aren't considering this school you are doing your children a disservice. The fact you might not be Catholic has no bearing. There are quite a few non-Catholic students and they are never made to feel out of place. Take a look for yourself!
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