Immaculate Heart Of Mary 2011Student Handbook

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A. Admission
Admission to Immaculate Heart of Mary School implies acceptance of our religious, moral, and social value system. Particulars regarding enrollment may be obtained by calling the school office at (718) 438-7373.

  1. Each student that applies for admission is evaluated on his or her academic and behavior profile.
  2. Registration in IHM is not finalized until all academic records have been received and reviewed.
  3. Falsification of information on an admission form is ground for non-acceptance.
  4. Applicants may be interviewed and tested. A newly admitted student's progress will be evaluated throughout their first year and continuation at IHM will be based on their overall performance.
  5. IHM honors the forwarding school's decision regarding promotion and retention.
  6. Students who have been asked to leave our school will generally not be considered for re-admission.

B. Re-registration
Each spring, Immaculate Heart of Mary School conducts re-registration for the students already attending our school. Parents are required to pay a non-refundable fee by the deadline or face the possibility of forfeiting the child's seat. Families who are delinquent in tuition or other fees will not be re-registered until they meet their current financial obligation to the school.

C. Tuition rates and fees
The administration is responsible for articulating tuition policy. In addition to tuition, there are fees assessed for Sacramental Programs and Graduation. The Parish Secretary collects tuition and fees. All questions regarding these issues should be addressed to her attention. Tuition records will be reviewed on a regular basis and failure to pay tuition in a timely manner can result in a student being asked to leave IHM. No academic records will be forwarded or shared until tuition matters are made current.

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A. Program
An integral part of the mission of Immaculate Heart of Mary School is to share the Catholic faith with the next generation.

  1. All students, regardless of religious affiliation, are required to attend Morning Prayer, religion classes, liturgical, and paraliturgical services.
  2. Prayer is an important part in our lives and therefore is part of our day. We begin and end our day with prayer and also thank God for his blessings before and after lunch. Non-Catholic students are not required to actively participate in prayer, but are asked to stand reverently as we pray.
  3. We encourage non-Catholic parents to share their belief system with their children and welcome their presence at all our social and religious events.

B. Sacraments

As part of our Religious Education Program, the staff of Immaculate Heart of Mary School works with the parish priests and Director of Religious Education to address the spiritual and moral needs of our students. Part of our Religious Education Program includes sacramental preparation.

  1. Students receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Eucharist, and Confirmation will receive instruction in our school. Since these sacraments unite us with the Catholic community, they are administered at inclusive liturgical celebrations.
  2. Parents whose children are part of a sacrament preparation program are required to attend evening or weekend workshops. The date and time will be announced to allow you sufficient opportunity to plan accordingly.
  3. According to Diocesan guidelines any child requesting Baptism after the age of seven (7) must participate in the Religious Education program for a minimum of three years. The child's progress will be evaluated each year. Children who understand both the dogma and teachings of their faith and are willing to accept their responsibilities to participate in the life of the Church will be invited to join the Church at the end of 3 years. These children will be fully initiated at that time. Full initiation means the child will be baptized, receive the Eucharist, and receive the Sacrament of Confirmation at a single liturgy.
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A. Classwork
We provide a variety of learning experiences that recognize the multiple intelligences of our students and encourage self-growth.

  1. Class requirements are determined by your child's teacher(s).
  2. Each student must fulfill all class requirements on time and in the manner prescribed by the teacher.
  3. Late and incomplete assignments will be graded accordingly and will effect grades.

B. Homework

  1. Students are responsible to complete and submit all homework assignments on time.
  2. It is a parental responsibility to ensure that a child completes his/her homework.
  3. Students who are absent are responsible to make up all class work and homework assignments within a reasonable amount of time.

C. Grading and report card policies

  1. Grades are based on class work, homework, quizzes, tests, and individual and group projects.
  2. Midway between report cards, children receive a Progress Report to alert parents to any difficulties that may be occurring. Please review, sign and return this report promptly.
  3. Report cards are distributed three times a year. The first and second report cards are distributed during Parent-Teacher Conferences in December and March. The final report card is sent home on the last day of school.

D. Promotion/Retention Policy
A student who is failing any subject faces the possibility of retention.

  1. Students who are failing school, NYS exams or exhibiting academic difficulty may be required to attend summer school. In some cases, but not all, successful completion of a recognized summer program will allow the student to move to the next grade
  2. Teachers will communicate with parents regarding their child's needs and will make recommendations to help the child succeed. When retention or summer school is a possibility the teacher will notify the parent in writing no later than the last Progress Report.
  3. When a teacher determines that a student's difficulty might be addressed through testing and an Individual Education Profile (IEP), full parental cooperation is expected. A student who is having difficulty and requires this profile will not be re-registered automatically or promoted for the coming school year without it.

 E. Honor Roll and Other Awards
Honor recognition is awarded to students who comply with established school policy and meet the academic criteria. Children with I or U in any area are not eligible for honor recognition. All Awards are dependent on good conduct and effort.

  1. Academic honors are issued in Grades 5-8 as follows:
    • Principals List-     97 to 100 in all subjects
    • First Honors-       90 to 100 in all subjects
    • Second Honors-  85 to 100 in all subjects
  2. Students in Grades 5-8 who have maintained the above grades for an academic year will be recognized at an honor assembly that will be scheduled in June. In the lower grades, the students' achievements will be recognized by their teachers.
  3. Other awards may be distributed at the Awards Assembly.
    Perfect attendance is awarded at the end of the year assembly and is given to students who have never been late or absent throughout the entire school year.
F. Internet Access - Immaculate Heart of Mary School provides our students with the opportunity to access the Internet and will provide instruction in its use as a valuable learning tool.
  1. We will make every effort to supervise the use of on-line services and to block undesirable areas.
  2. Students may not use the computer facilities except in the presence of an adult supervisor.
  3. Students are not permitted to enter chat rooms.
  4. Our computers are protected by a firewall to prevent students from accessing undesirable sites. If an unapproved site is accessed, our supervisors will disconnect from that area as quickly as possible.
  5. At the beginning of each school year both students and parents are required to sign an Internet use policy.
  6. Infractions can result in suspension or expulsion.


G. Testng

  1. Immaculate Heart of Mary School participates in the Terra Nova testing program that is administered through the Diocese of Brooklyn. These standardized tests are administered in October and, if available, the results are shared with the parents at the first report card conference.
  2. Students at Immaculate Heart of Mary School participate in the New York State Standard testing program as follows:
    • Grade 4 - Language Arts, Math, and Science
    • Grade 6 - Language Arts and Math
    • Grade 8 - Language Arts, Math, Science

Results of these tests are shared with the parents. Students not meeting the NYS competency level will receive Academic Intervention Services (AIS). These services require summer school attendance.

H. Graduation

  1. Those students who have met the prescribed requirements of New York State and the Diocese of Brooklyn will receive a diploma.
  2. The date of Graduation is determined by the school administration and is not finalized until the spring.
  3. In order to participate in the formal Graduation ceremony and other Graduation activities a student's tuition and fees must be paid-in-full by specified dates and his/her deportment must be reflective of that of a Catholic school student. The administration reserves the right to exclude students who exhibit unacceptable behavior from all Graduation events.
  4. At Graduation, accomplishments are recognized. The selection of award recipients is determined by the Middle School teachers in consultation with the school administration. Academics, effort, behavior/conduct, and compliance with school policy are factored into our choice. The Principal, whose decision is final, approves the awarding of honor recognitions.
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B. Personal Student Information

  1. Medication: In accordance with New York State Education Law, only a registered nurse may administer medication. However, there must be a completed Form 504 which must include information from the child's doctor. Students may self medicate under the supervision of the nurse with doctor's documentation. No student may carry medication of any type on their person or in their possessions. Parents/guardians must assume responsibility for administering medication when a nurse is not on site.
  2. We ask that you provide your child's teacher and the school nurse with written communication regarding life threatening allergies.
  3. If your child is taking medication for a medical condition, please provide us with the name of the medication(s) and any possible serious interactions or side effects.
  4. Emergency Contact: Each child must return 2 emergency cards during the first week of school. (One card goes to the Rectory.) It is the parents' responsibility to complete this form accurately and see that the information is kept up to date.
  5. Hearing and vision tests are conducted as prescribed by the New York City Health Department regulations. If medical attention is deemed necessary, the parents will be alerted.
  6. Sickness: Please do not send your child to school if he/she is sick. Children who become ill in school will be sent to the Nurse's Office or Secretary's Office and a parent or designated representative will be contacted. When a child is forced to leave school because of illness, only the parent or an adult designated by the parent may pick up the child. (Also see SectionVll: D)
  7. Dental requirements: It is a parent's responsibility to bring their child to the dentist on a yearly basis. The parents should furnish the school with a dental note.
  8. Medical excuses: When a student experiences an injury or illness that affects his/her ability to perform at his/her maximum level, the school is to receive written notification and medical documentation of the student's condition so that we can make needed accommodations.
  9. Child Abuse: Under NYS law, teachers and administrators are required to report ALL instances of suspected child abuse and endangerment to the proper authorities. We take this mandate seriously and will report all suspected cases of child abuse and endangerment.
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A. Appointment Procedures
Parents are encouraged to communicate with their child's teacher. A written request for a conference is necessary so that a teacher may schedule adequate time to address your concerns. The teacher will usually respond to your request within a day. Please do not approach teachers for a consultation in the school yard/gym in the morning or at dismissal as they have assigned supervisory responsibilities at these times. They are not to be called at home regarding school business.

B. Tuesday Folders
The school administration communicates with the parents through a weekly communique called the "Tuesday Folder". This folder contains information regarding the weekly activities that occur in our school and community, monthly calendars, the parish bulletin, and other important communications from your child's teacher.

  1. Parents are expected to read the folder and familiarize themselves with its contents
  2. Parents are asked to sign the bottom of the cover page and return it to school the next day.
  3. When a holiday falls on a Monday, folders may be distributed on Wednesday.

C. School telephone
The office telephone is a business phone and may not be used by students except in cases of emergency. (Forgetting to bring in a homework assignment is not considered an emergency.)

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Rules at Immaculate Heart of Mary School are for the greater good of the school community. They are intended to help each student grow in individual freedom, personal responsibility, and self-discipline while displaying the good manners characteristic of a member of a Catholic school.

Enrollment of a student in our school implies an acceptance of the philosophy of our school and an agreement on the part of the student and parents to observe these rules. The Administration reserves the right to discipline and/or dismiss a student whose conduct, attitude or effort is considered contrary to our beliefs and Code of Conduct.


A. Code of Conduct
As a community of learners, Immaculate Heart of Mary School has established certain standards and guidelines to aid in preserving the ideals of a Catholic school. Adherence to a Code of Conduct is an important part of being a member of the IHM community. At the core of this Code are the ideals of honesty and integrity, which fosters maximum growth for the individual and the school. Thus, the following actions are deemed inappropriate and will result in administrative review:

  1. bullying and cyber-bullying
  2. disrespect/disobedience/fighting;
  3. bringing any kind of weapon to school;
  4. graffiti, tagging, destroying, defacing school property
  5. cheating/plagiarism (the stealing of others words) ;
  6. being in unauthorized areas without supervision, e.g. halls, backstairs
  7. causing disorder on the school/church property;
  8. improper language or behavior;
  9. eating or drinking in the school other than at specified times;
  10. chewing gum;
  11. littering.

Substance abuse will not be tolerated and may result in immediate suspension and/or dismissal.

B. Discipline Policy
Discipline implies a willingness on the part of a student to accept responsibility for his/her actions. Acceptance of one's actions and their consequences helps an individual to grow socially and emotionally. The basis of disciplinary action is to lead a student to recognize the inappropriateness of his/her behavior while respecting the dignity of others and themselves. Every attempt will be made to have discipline be a graduated tool: denial of recess, detention, in school suspension, out of school suspension, no invitation to return the following year and mid year expulsion. However, each situation will be judged individually and in extreme situations intervening steps may be eliminated in favor of more extreme intervention.

  1. Teachers usually will handle students exhibiting unacceptable behavior. If they think it is necessary, they will refer the student to the school administration.
  2. Students who are disrespectful by action or word to a teacher, staff member, or any person in a supervisory capacity may be suspended.
  3. Serious and/or continued breeches in behavior will require a parent/teacher/principal conference and may result in suspension or expulsion.
  4. Students who do not meet our expectations will not be invited to return to IHM for the following school year.
  5. Any student engaging in physical violence will immediately be removed from the situation and a parent will be required to come to school and take the child home. Serious and/or continued infractions may result in suspension or expulsion.

C. Birthday celebrations
After consulting with the teacher, students are welcome to celebrate their birthday by bringing in store purchased cupcakes, goody bags, or other appropriate items (ice cream, ice cream cake, pizza and fast foods are not appropriate). Treats sent to school will be distributed at the teacher's discretion. The distribution of birthday presents and/or party invitations in school is not permitted.

D. Cell phones
Cell phones are to be turned off and not visible while students are in school or on school grounds. Cell phones are not to be used unless there is an emergency situation and then they are only to be used with the teacher's permission. (Forgetting homework or having a disagreement with a teacher or classmate is not considered an emergency situation.) If this rule is not followed, phones will be confiscated. The school will not accept responsibility for the safe keeping of these phones. A parent must come to the office to retrieve any confiscated phones.

E. Electronic devices
Walkmans/radios/tape players/CD players/MP3 players/I-pods, beepers/ electronic hand-held games, etc. are not permitted in the school. If a student brings these items to school, the teacher may confiscate it and require a parent to come to school to claim it. The school will not accept responsibility for the safe keeping of any of these items once confiscated.

F. Visitors
All visitors to our school, including parents of students and invited guests, must sign in and out of the building at the school Office.

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A. Hours

  1. Students must be in attendance between the hours of:
    • 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM
  2. To insure the safety of our students, only staff is permitted in the school prior to the start of the school day.Parents who have a scheduled appointment are asked to come to the Office and the secretary will contact the teacher. Once a class is dismissed a student may not return to a classroom.

B. Arrival

  • Students may arrive at school 15 minutes before their scheduled starting time. There is no teacher supervision prior to that time and IHM School cannot accept responsibility for students who arrive earlier.
  • In order to develop independence, parents are requested to allow students to proceed to their assigned line-up areas by themselves. Parents are asked to leave once the children are dropped off and not to congregate outside the school. The only exception to this is if you would like to join us for Morning Prayer. If this is the case, please come into the gym or up onto the parking lot in the school yard and participate. This is a wonderful example for the children about the entire IHM community praying together. However, simply being spectators is disruptive, delays the children's sense of when school begins and sends a message that Morning Prayer is devalued and not really the start of the day.
  • On days when inclement weather prevents us from lining up in the schoolyard, children will assemble in the gym. In order to properly supervise all students, we ask parents not to congregate in the gym or at the gym entrance.
  • The center hall of the school is not to be used as a thoroughfare from the breezeway to the schoolyard. On days when we line up in the Gym, the back doors to the school will remain closed. On days when the students line up in the yard, the front doors will be closed. This allows us to monitor those who enter our building thus helping to ensure the continued safety of the IHM school community.
  • Arrival procedures for Pre-K 3/4 and Kindergarten students will be communicated by the teachers of these grades.

C. Pre-Dismissal Departures

  • Such early dismissals for things like doctor appointments should be kept to a minimum. They will be documented as partial day attendance in the record.
  • Please notify the school in advance of any unavoidable early dismissal so that homework can be prepared in advance.
  • All children must be signed out in the office log book by the responsible adult before leaving the building. Therefore you must come into school and not expect to have curbside pick up.

C. Absences
Attendance on an uninterrupted basis is important for academic continuity. The administration and staff consider every day as a valuable learning experience and excessive absences are viewed with grave concern.

  • Parents must notify the school at (718) 438-7373 by 8:30 AM if their child is absent. New York State Education Law requires that an absent note signed by a parent or guardian be presented upon the child's return to school. When a student is absent for 3 or more consecutive days, a doctor's note is required.
  1. Lack of an absent note within three days of a child's return will result in the absence being recorded as an Illegal Absence in the legal attendance register.
  2. Children who have been absent because of communicable diseases (e.g. childhood diseases, pink-eye, contagious rashes) will not be re-admitted to school without a doctor's note.
  3. If your child has contracted a communicable disease, please inform us so that we may caution other parents.
  4. Parents are advised to refrain from scheduling family vacations while school is in session. To do so results in Illegal Absences in the legal attendance register.
  5. Students are expected to make up missed work within a time frame established by their teacher(s).
  6. Prolonged and unexplained absences are reported to the New York City Bureau of Attendance who will investigate the situation.
  7. Excessive absences may result in retention.

D. Lateness
A student arriving after their class has left the assembly area is considered late and is marked accordingly. A pattern of excessive lateness will result in a review and appropriate measures will be initiated to rectify this situation including the possibility of notifying City authorities.
E. Dismissal

  1. Usually students in grades 1 to 8 are dismissed through the front entrance of the school. Teachers of Pre-K and Kindergarten will inform parents of their dismissal location.
  2. For safety reasons, parents are asked to remain on the street side of the fence and are requested to keep exit areas clear.
  3. At the beginning of the year parents are asked to designate responsible adults to act on their behalf in emergency situations. You will be asked to list those individuals who have permission to pick up your child. NO child will be released to an individual without written parental consent.
  4. It is a parent's responsibility to notify the school in writing regarding individuals who are not permitted to pick up their child (e.g. Orders of Protection).
  5. Once a student has been dismissed he/she may not return to any classroom.
  6. When a student is not picked up within 15 minutes of dismissal, he/she will go back to the classroom and a childcare fee of $20 will be charged for up to one hour. Lateness beyond one hour will be charged at the rate of $20 per half hour or any part there of. The fee must be paid to the office before the child returns to class the next day. The teachers have other responsibilities that must be attended to at 2:30 each day. Please be on time and avoid this major inconvenience to them.

G. Inclement Weather Procedures

  • When weather conditions or an emergency situation necessitates the closing of school, we will activate our emergency phone chain and post a notice on our school website: We will also notify 1010 WINS radio to announce our closing. IF AN ANNOUNCEMENT IS MADE THAT THE SCHOOLS OF THE DIOCESE OF BROOKLYN ARE CLOSED, WE ARE CLOSED.
  • When rain or snow is forecast, parents are requested to send their child to school dressed appropriately. Raincoats or ponchos with hoods are suggested. Please label coats and both boots. For safety reasons, the use of umbrellas is discouraged. If a student must use an umbrella it may not be opened until after the class has been dismissed.
  • If boots are worn to school, the student must bring his/her uniform shoes to wear in school.
  • Please do not congregate at the school door as it impedes a safe dismissal.

H. Lunchroom Regulations

  • All students are to eat lunch in school.
  • Lunch is to be sent in a soft-sided lunchbox or brown paper bag.
  • Lunch should be nutritious. Fast food lunches (e.g. McDonald's) are not permitted.
  • Please do not send your child to school with glass bottles or containers.
  • Please be sure to include the utensils that your child will need to eat his/her lunch.
  • When going to and exiting the lunchroom, silence is to be maintained
  • Children will be assigned to lunch tables.
  • Talking is permitted in the lunchroom. Loud talking, shouting or running is not allowed anywhere in the building.
  • When the bell is rung or the lights are turned off, immediate silence is expected.
  • Students must obtain permission from the lunchroom supervisor before leaving their table.
  • It is the student's responsibility to keep the area where they are seated free of debris.
  • Students will not be released from the lunchroom until they comply with the supervisor's requests regarding cleanliness and order.
  • Food is not to be brought from the lunchroom to the yard for consumption.
  • Weather permitting, students will use the schoolyard for recess. Permission to stay indoors during lunch for reasons of health requires a written request from a parent and/or doctor.
  • When weather conditions prevent students from going outside, they are permitted to bring books, playing cards, or small games to the cafeteria for use during recess. Trading cards are not permitted on the school premises.
  • If a child has behavior problems, he/she will be removed from the lunchroom and appropriate measures will be taken.
  • Adults who assume a supervisory role in the lunchroom and are to be treated with respect.

I. Playground

  • Students will be assigned areas where they may congregate.
  • Contact sports, running, tag games, ball playing and electronic games are not permitted.
  • When the bell rings, children are to line up. When the second bell rings, children are expected to remain silent so that they may proceed to their rooms in an orderly and safe manner.

J. Field Trips
Field trips are an important part of the educational experience and are scheduled by the teacher with the approval of the principal. Given the current world situation, we will exercise caution in scheduling trips and will follow directives set forth by the Office of the Superintendent and governmental agencies.

  • A parent must sign a permission slip for all trips. This form will release the school from liability brought about by non-adherence to the guidelines set forth by the school. Under no condition will a child be permitted on a trip without a completed, signed consent form.
  • Trips must be paid for in full by the specified date.
  • Trips are educational and planned for the benefit of the entire class. While all students are expected to participate, students with excessive absences, lateness and unruly behavior can be excluded from trips. This decision is at the teacher's/principal's discretion.
  • Parent chaperones, if needed, are chosen by the teacher.
  • Every student, whether or not accompanied by a parent, must return to the school for official release following a class/school field trip.
  • Because buses and tickets must be paid for in advance, the school cannot refund money when a student is absent on the day of a class trip.
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Ideal Uniform is the only authorized distributor of our school uniform and Gym clothing. Ideal will visit our school in the late spring to measure students who wish to order uniforms. You may also place your order by phone or through Marlou's website: Parents are encouraged to order early so as to avoid any delay in delivery. If you need additional items throughout the year, you may call Ideal. All concerns regarding uniforms should be addressed to Ideal at (718) 252-5090.

A. Girls' uniforms: Kindergarten-Grade 4

  1. Black watch plaid jumper with emblem. The skirt should reach the top of the knee or be longer.
  2. White blouse with pointed collar, long or short sleeves depending on the temperature.
  3. An official school sweater can be worn at any time.
  4. Navy blue knee socks can be worn during warm weather and navy blue tights in colder weather.

Optional: Girls may occasionally wear gray uniform pants with a uniform blouse or white turtleneck and a uniform sweater or vest. However, they must own a jumper for "dress" occasions.

B. Girls' uniforms: Grades 5-8

  1. Black watch plaid skirt. The skirt should reach the top of the knee or be longer.
  2. Navy blue uniform vest with school emblem
  3. White blouse with pointed collar, long or short sleeves depending on the temperature.
  4. An official school sweater can be worn at any time.
  5. Navy blue knee socks can be worn during warm weather and navy blue tights in colder weather.

Optional: Girls may wear gray uniform pants with a blouse or IHM white turtleneck and a uniform vest or sweater. During warm weather they may wear an IHM banded golf shirt. However, they must own a jumper or skirt for "dress" occasions.

C. Boys' uniforms: K to Grade 8

  1. Navy blue pants.
  2. White dress shirts, long or short sleeved.

Optional: Uniform golf shirts may be worn during warmer weather. Summer uniform golf shirts are usually worn from September until Columbus Day and from the first Monday in May through dismissal. Weather conditions may dictate a change and this will be communicated through the Tuesday folder.

  1. Ties: Grade K-4 Black watch plaid

Grade 5-8 Navy and red stripe

  1. A uniform sweater or vest may be worn in cold weather.
  2. Navy or black socks.

D. Gym clothing: All students in Grades Pre-K-8

  1. IHM navy T-shirt
  2. IHM navy shorts
  3. IHM navy sweat shirt (Pre-K-4)
  4. IHM Navy sweat pants (Pre-K-4)
  5. Jogging suit with tee shirt (Gr. 5-8)
  6. Athletic white or black sneakers

Note: The Gym uniform is worn every day for Pre-K 3 & 4 and on Gym day for the rest of the school. If a child is not dressed for Gym, the parent will be called and required to bring in their child's Gym clothes. Students who are not dressed in the proper Gym uniform will be considered unprepared for class and this will effect their grade in Gym. Occasionally students will be required to wear their Gym uniform for class trips or other special events.

E. Shoes:

  1. Pre-K-4: Black laced shoes. Girls may wear black shoes with straps.
  2. Grades 5-8: Black uniform loafers or oxford type shoes are acceptable.
  3. For safety reasons, shoes must have a low-heel, no higher than 1 inch, and flat, non slippery soles. No platforms, thick soles, flip flops or high-heeled shoes are permitted in the building at any time.
  4. Sneakers are not considered shoes for school purposes and are only permitted on gym days or when the gym uniform is required.
  5. Boots are not permitted to be worn in school. A boot is defined as any shoe that covers the ankle. During inclement weather students must change into shoes.

F. Non-Uniform Dress Code - Dress Down Days
A student is expected to observe standards of good taste in dress even on those occasions when he/she is not wearing a uniform, e.g. dress-down days. The following items are examples of clothing deemed inappropriate for non-uniform dress.

  1. short/tight skirts, dresses, or shorts
  2. sheer clothing
  3. spandex pants or tops
  4. low cut tops or tops without shoulders
  5. sports hats or any other head covering
  6. inappropriate novelty T-shirts
  7. torn pants or shorts
  8. low rider pants or shorts

G. Other uniform requirements

  • Girls are permitted to wear one stud earring in each ear. Hoops or chandelier earrings are not acceptable.
  • Boys are not allowed to wear earrings in school.
  • Tasteful and age appropriate necklaces and bracelets may be worn at your own risk.
  • On Gym days, no jewelry is to be worn.
  • Make-up is never allowed during school. If worn, the child will have to wash it off before returning to class. Exceptions may be made for 8th grade special occasions, but only with prior approval from school administration.
  • Hair should be neat and clean for both girls and boys.
  • Hair color or highlights are not permitted. If it is added to the hair, the hair will have to be returned to its natural color before returning to school.
  • Nail polish, false nails, nail extensions or nail decorations are not acceptable. Nail polish remover is kept in the office. The child will be required to remove the polish before returning to class. If false nails or extensions are worn, they will have to be removed before returning to class. Exceptions may be made for 8th grade special occasions, but only with prior approval from school administration.
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Parents must alert the school in writing as to the custody of children and the status of the non-custodial parent. Before we can honor your request to prohibit a non-custodial parent from having access to their child, the school must be provided with official court papers specifying the orders that the school is required to enforce.

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Immaculate Heart of Mary offers a variety of specialized offerings to our students. Some of them are by invitation, such as the Regent level classes and the Honor Societies and some are open to whoever would like to participate (providing there are no disciplinary issues) like ballroom dancing. The club offerings change each semester depending on interest and faculty availability. Notices go home as the current offerings are decided so that the children can sign up.

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Immaculate Heart of Mary School does not offer an After-School Program. However, Kids Orbit does rent space in our building and their program is available to our students who are in Pre-K through Grade 6. All inquires and calls regarding particulars about this program, including drop off, pick-up, and other concerns should be directed to the supervisors of the Kids Orbit Program. They can be reached at (718) 768-4426.

Please do not call the school or leave messages on our school answering machine regarding this program because its operation is independent of IHM School and Parish

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  1. In order to ensure the safety of all our students Immaculate Heart of Mary School reviews and revises our Crisis Management Plan on a regular basis.
  2. We comply with Asbestos Management guidelines.
  3. We comply with pesticide use guidelines.
  4. We comply with Diocesan and New York State Guidelines related to Education policy.
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Immaculate Heart of Mary School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national, ethnic origin in the administration of educational policies, admission policies or other school programs.